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Nov 9 -10


Sep 27 - 28


Re-kindle that inherent 'creative spirit' with a bit of your 'inner motivation' and reap the rewards in the years to come, as you have already demonstrated in the past effectively - so far!

Many of us have drifted in a comfort zone due to our past successes and would like to "get back in action" with the same fervor that kept us abreast of others, once. Such is the inspiration behind this program and the
facilitators guarantee you satisfaction or your 'money back' - No questions asked. This workshop is a blend of Personal and Professional Excellence and will certainly add to the quality of life of the people who attend this 3 day interesting learning experience!

Who Should Attend

This program is ideal for all levels of professionals seeking a never ending progressive future...

  • Executives who wish to refresh their perspectives

  • Business Development Managers seeking breakthroughs

  • Marketing / Sales personnel who wish to excel in a highly competitive environment

  • Managers who are constantly exploring deadlines and “Getting things done”

  • Technical people with strong logical orientation who wish to enhance creative skills

  • HR, Production, Financial, Commercial and R&D personnel desiring to improve processes

  • Professionals who feel they have reached the peak of their careers

  • Individuals who currently perceive that they find it difficult to move forward

  • People who are taking a temporary break and waiting for the 'right moment'

  • Individuals who are frustrated by 'lack of action', due to their personal or family limitations

"Please email if you would like to have this program Customized specific to your organization's requirements"

This Program is well suited to all functions and levels of management as it primarily deals in developing creative problem solving skills of participants and improving the quality of decisions thereof.


Benefits of this Workshop

This Program anticipates that its Participants will:

  • Develop their skill of finding opportunities, within problems

  • Sharpen their Instinct and Intuition further

  • Enhance their Creative /Analytical skills

  • Deal with "Uncertainty" better

  • Learn to overcome "Obstacles"

  • Benefit their Communication and understanding of others

  • Learn to see things “The Right Way” and eliminate “Stop signs”

  • Avoid stagnation and take charge proactively at their workplaces

  • Be Motivated and assume ownership of their responsibilities

  • Lead others effectively

  • Re-kindle that inner motivation and fire in the belly to set and achieve greater goals...

"Please email if you would like to have this program Customized specific to your organization's requirements"

Workshop Outline

  • Management means “Action” – Not re-action

  • The Status Quo – It’s not good enough, anymore!!!

  • Difference between "Creativity" and "Innovation"

  • How Creative are you in implementing your ideas (Exercise based Session)

  • How to identify "What needs improvement"

  • Understanding the "Operational" vs  "Innovation" cycle

  • Values/Behaviors that support Innovation

  • 5 Tests of initiative

  • Creative Growth Games

  • Obstacles to innovation and how to overcome them



Identifying Seven Mind-Sets and how to break them

The workshop focuses on the following seven mind sets, that hinder creativity and innovation, in the shape of fun learning games called "Mind Openers"

  • Mind-Set # 1 - “There’s nothing in that Idea” (Believing the obvious)

    • How to see beyond the obvious (Exercises)

  • Mind-Set # 2 -- “Can’t see how it can be done” (Finding no way out)

    • Removing self-imposed barriers  (Exercises)

  • Mind-Set # 3 -- “There’s only one way to look at it” (Developing short sightedness)

  • How to identify alternatives and options (Exercises)

  • Mind-Set # 4 -- “Judgment on fact says it won’t work” (Facts affecting judgment)

  • Question whether facts are facts (Exercises)


  • Mind-Set # 5  -- “It  won’t work if you do that, this happens” (Pattern Breaking)

    • Breaking pre-conceived notions (Exercises)

  • Mind-Set # 6 -- “It won’t work when it comes to detail” (Too Complex)

    • Ignoring the details to stay focused (Exercises)

    • Taking a step back -- a bird’s eye view

    •   Mind-Set # 7 -- “Its just impossible” (Negative biases)

      • Finding ways to make it work  (Exercises)

      • You don’t know what’s possible until you try

What are Mind Sets?

"We cannot reduce our overhead cost because..."

The following picture illustrates...

"We cannot increase our price due to..."


  • Controlling "Perception" to nurture a creative environment

  • Managing Risk and Capacity to Experiment

  • Dealing with “Uncertainty” and the “Unknown”

  • “Problem Solving” and “Decision Making” skills

  • "Mind Mapping Techniques" to enhance Creative abilities

  • Cultivating IMAGINATION...

  • Motivation – The key to your Success Understand the De-Motivators, Laws of Motivation, Internal vs External Motivation etc.

  • Practical application of this Workshop - "What are you taking home?"

§         Additional topics to be covered; Mind Mapping for Managers, Innovation Imagery -- The key to Success, Intuition, Stress, Release, Creative, Thinking, Overcoming, Obstacles

§         The Workshop revolves around practical discussions amongst participants.

"We cannot reduce the cost of production because that will reduce quality and..."

"We cannot reduce our marketing expense cost because..."

The workshop revolves around practical concerns which include, Team Management, Delegation, Leadership, Time Management, Motivation etc.

Participants will get customized manuals with extensive reading material, exercises, templates, Mind openers etc.

Date/s - Venue - Investment




Saudi Arabia







9 - 10


10 - 11


24 - 25


27 - 28


For Doha prices, please contact Shelley at the numbers provided below


Trainer's Profiles

Facilitator/s: This workshop has been developed by the dynamic husband/wife team who have successfully conducted hundreds of programs in the past 8 years.  Both bring extensive industry experience before embarking on a "Self and Other's" development journey as a collective life mission!. They normally have their own separate training programs but they both enjoy conducting this particular workshop jointly.

Haseeb T Hasan

Prime Areas: Motivation, Personal Growth, Sales, Character Building, Organizational development, Cross Cultural Communication, Negotiations, Leadership and Business Expansion areas & HR Development.

Haseeb T Hasan, CEO Intek Solutions, brings with him extensive industry experience of working in the US and Singapore. He worked with various multinationals for 13 years before establishing Intek nine years ago. He is a certified trainer on topics including, Negotiation skills, Leadership, Project Management, Presentation skills, Advance Selling skills, Motivation etc. He can be contacted on

Zaufyshan Haseeb
a developmental Psychologist by education, having extensive practical experience of the corporate world, will co facilitate this workshop. Her prime areas are Stress Management, Strengthening Women in Management, Communication, Cross Cultural trainings, Integrity, self development and OB. Her greatest strengths are in understanding the needs of participants and helping them to achieve their objectives. She can be contacted on

Stephen Smart
Prime Areas
: Communication Skills, Creativity, Organization Development, Negotiation Skills, IT Skills, Project Management, Team Building, Time Management, Train The Trainer, etc.
Steve has a unique background; he previously travelled the world working in the glamorous world of foreign affairs for more than 27 years. He travelled very extensively spending many years in the sub-continent and Arab speaking world. He spent more than 11 years as an IT specialist and trainer and amongst the various jobs he was given he eventually became an installation, training and project management expert.

He brings another facet to the World of INTEK with his extensive experience in performance biased organization management, administration, accounts, human resources in a small to medium project management through from planning, survey, procurement, to installation, implementation. An experienced “In House” – trainer, he has a UK N.V.Q qualification as an “Industrial Trainer”. He is also a qualified counsellor / mentor. Steve is indeed very popular as a trainer at Intek due to his versatility, articulation and humorous easy going style.

Steve, Haseeb and Zaufyshan live in Dubai and travel extensively around the region in pursuit of their training passion for Intek's large portfolio of clientele.

Please note that this workshop can also be tailored specifically for Your Company's requirements as previously conducted for various industries in the past nine years.
(List can be obtained on request). Intek would conduct an "Innovation Climate Survey" within your organization as a "Training Needs Assessment" (TNA) exercise before conducting and impactful 3 day program bringing about a "Fresh" wave of Motivation and Innovations for a better future.

If however, you wish to nominate a few of your valued managers to the above open-house workshop, please do so on the online registration either at or email at or call 00971 4 334-2830. (Fax 00971 4 334-2831) or simply complete and submit the form provided below. Have a great 2004!

Best regards

B Shelley
Workshop Coordinator (UAE & Asia Pacific)

"Please email if you would like to have this program Customized specific to your organization's requirements"

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