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  • Social Networking Sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ and many more, have very quickly become a part of society, playing a huge role in our day to day lifes, in every household and business worldwide.

  • Social media creates kinship between companies and customers, and kinship equals purchase intent...
    Jay Baer

  • Social Media is about to have a MASSIVE impact on your business and we're here to help YOU!



Social Media Marketing Strategies Workshop

Specially designed for the Middle East Market

 Wall                                Does your organization have an effective online presence?

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Please bring your laptops for hands-on practical training





Who Should Attend?

  1. Anybody interested in learning about the Social Media Marketing hype

  2. Marketing Managers / Digital Marketing Professionals / Brand Managers / Marketing Consultants

  3. Corporate Communications Managers / Advertising Managers

  4. People who wish to escalate themselves from 'Above the Line' and Below the line' marketing strategies to building brand loyalty using the digital media with a special focus on Linked-in, Facebook, Twitter etc.

  5. ‘Creative’ & ‘CSD’ personnel at Ad agencies / ‘Planning’ & ‘Buying’ executives at MBU’s.

  6. People interested to familiarize themselves with branding, re-branding, image strategies on Social Media

  7. People responsible for 'Optimizing Media Plans' to reach the maximum GRP's effectively

  8. People responsible for 'Analyzing Media Effectiveness' for either their clients or their organizations

  9. Entrepreneurs who wish to take their businesses to the next level in a global digital environment








  • Intek Solutions (UAE) and Xplore, Digital Marketing Experts, UK bring the following Social Media Marketing (SMM) to your city with a local touch.

  • In the online world, you don't have the luxury of personally showing your products to customers and physically trying to sell them through conventional media channels. Online marketing offers great opportunities to all of us to scientifically structure our marketing and advertising campaigns through effective use of digital media marketing strategies.

  • The problem many campaigns suffer from is trying to achieve too broad an audience with a single message. By creating a set of personas (profiling) that match your different segmentations you have a much higher chance of building trust in your services, leading them to make bookings in the future

  • Persona mapping' is not a new concept to marketing but it's been more recently implemented on the web

  • This workshop can also be tailormade specific to your organization and business needs. For inhouse training or consultancy, kindly contact






Top 4 Learning Outcomes:

  1. Discover the latest regional and international social media marketing trends and best practices from international brands. Explore processes which will help you use online platforms to successfully build launch & sustain your social media marketing strategy.

  2. Make your brand/organization/clients more visible in search & through networks and proactively engage with stakeholders & enhance your brand reputation online.

  3. Learn about new tools to leverage your brand’s marketing mix, audit and monitor your brand’s online presence and measure ROI to improve success.

  4. To appreciate the risks and opportunities of social media engagement and develop strong strategies for reducing the risk of negative brand perception.









Key Benefits

After having attended this session, attendees will:

  • Enhance their knowledge base about social media marketing and its many forms

  • Understand the components of a good social networking strategy and evaluate the networks that match their business needs

  • Learn about new tools to leverage your brand’s marketing mix

  • Audit and monitor your brand’s online presence and measure ROI to prove success

  • Understand how Online PR/social media can integrate with other marketing disciplines

  • Assess the relevance of social media and User Generated Content to plan and develop an online PR and social media strategy

  • Implement a core set of processes and resources needed to successfully build, launch and sustain a social media strategy and viral-ize campaigns

  • Identify and evaluate PR opportunities and threats from social media and user generated content

  • Participate in networks through ‘social objects’, ‘social currency’ and ‘conversationalists’













Course Agenda

Defining Perception Outcomes

A. How you want to be perceived?

B. What you want people to say about you?

C. How you want your audience to engage with you?

Campaign Objectives & Goals

A. What actions you want your audience to take?

B. Integrate commercial goals with social activity

C. Social Keyword Universe

Strategy Architecture

A. Choose SN sites

B. Choose SB networks

C. Choose video networks

D. Choose blog networks & platform

E. Content generation

F. Written

G. Videos & images

H. Rich media

I. Choose distribution platforms

Social Marketing Schedules

A. Profiles – updates

B. Pages – articles

C. Groups – discussions

D. Rich media

E. Viral

F. On-Page

Q & A Session


All attendees will get one hour "free consultation" from our online experts on a brand of their choice, after the two day workshop.






Workshop Facilitator: Haseeb T

Haseeb brings, over 25 years of experience in the corporate world, covering diversified cultures and industries. He is recognized as a “sought after” speaker, trainer and advisor across different culture where he operates.

His clients and fans have, through their successes, reinforced the professional confidence that Haseeb exudes during his assignments. Audiences admire him for his personal and professional growth, which he links to his hobby of developing people and organizations.

Apart from trainings and life coaching, Haseeb is currently writing his book, “Breaking the Success Barrier” which is scheduled to be published by end of this year.

Haseeb believes that if you are a business professional with either personal projection in mind or organizational marketing, you need to attend this 2-day workshop on SMM, which is scheduled in your city. Please visit profile on Linkedin to learn more about HaseebT.”






Workshop Leader: Lawrence Lartey

Lawrence Lartey is the director and co-founder of Pure Online Genius & You Report Ltd. and the Senior Digital Marketing Strategist at Xplore Solutions, UK. Prior to his directorships, Lawrence progressed a New Media career spanning eleven years where his knowledge and skills were highly valued by various organizations including InfoSpace Inc, Deal Group Media and DoubleClick.

Specializing in the strategic development of business models for online ventures; his focus is on consumer engagement, commerciality, and revenue stream identification.

Being a skilled public speaker and workshop trainer, Lawrence has a passion for teaching others, especially the youth. He is regularly invited to sit on panels at educational seminars and business events alike to share his knowledge of New Media.





Co-Facilitator: Sameer Abdur Rehman

Sameer is the CEO of Xplore Solutions, a company specializing in providing innovative solutions, ensuring business objectives are met through by having an effective online presence. Over the years Sameer and his team have ensured that an online presence serves the purpose businesses are created for.

Sameer has written articles about online presence. He has been invited to various seminars and workshops to talk about how businesses can utilize the internet effectively to achieve their business goals.

Recently Sameer shared a stage with Ron Holland, one of UK's top most entrepreneur and mentor. Combined with Sameer’s business sense and knack of identifying manual processes that can be combined to online functions is an exciting prospect for anyone wanting to learn about the digital age.















Contact Information


Workshop Details


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Dubai - UAE

Jeddah - KSA


Investment         U$D 1650 (per participant)

Jeddah - KSA

Date                   March 18 - 19, 2012

Venue                  Jeddah Hilton, Jeddah - KSA

Dubai - UAE

Date                   March 21 - 22, 2012

Venue                Shangrila Hotel, Dubai UAE





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