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Workshop Outline

4 - Days

   Traits of an Effective Sales Professional (Essential Personal Attributes)

       Personal Discipline and Mannerisms

       Productive Team Players

       Positive Energy and Self Esteem

       Organizing, and Time Management

       Motivation Internal and External

       Goal Setting and Planning skills

       Which mind-sets to avoid

       Creativity and Innovation

       Listening & Empathy skills

       Interpersonal & Communication abilities

       How to market yourself

       11 personal aspects to be avoided. etc.

   Average Vs Professional Salesperson How Would Each Respond to Same Scenarios

       6 Myths vs Truths about sales people

       Do you have faith in your products

   Buyer Psychology (Your customer is as aware as you are perhaps more)

       People dont buy products they buy benefits

       Understanding buyer moods and directions

       Whats in it for me (WIIFM)

       Researching your prospects

       35 tactics to influence buyers

       Understanding body language to your advantage. etc.

       Win - Win Relationships  (How to Develop and Maintain them in a long term relationship)

   Psychology of Closing (Effective Closing Techniques)

       Graduating to the level of The Master Closer

       How the closer manipulates

       Reverse psychology for difficult buyers

       Various proven techniques of Closing



   Sales Management  101

       Evaluating strengths / weaknesses of members

       Sales Leadership in Practice

       Past success of effective sales people may now be the strongest barrier to empower their team members.

       Motivating your staff and making them assume ownership of company targets

       Training the sales team

      Why Clients Quit (80 reasons)

   Attributes of a Good Coach

       Developing your leadership style

       Recruiting the sales force

       Strengthening your strategic focus

       Becoming a proactive a manager

       Coaching and motivating

       Changing perception of your sales people

   Leading Your Sales Team (How to manage a winning sales team)

       Setting team standards

       Formal & Informal Communication

       Sales planning, forecasting & tracking systems

       Coaching & Motivating your sales team (your No. 1 Job) etc.


Benefits of This Workshop


        Increased Sales

        A highly charged up sales team

        Better customer relations

        Improved employee morale

        Attract additional business from existing clients

        Sales planning and budgeting

        Recruiting, training and evaluating sales people

        Coaching and motivating your sales force to achieve your objectives and targets.

        Sales Professionals responsible for ambitious targets

        Sales Managers who need to motivate and manage their teams

        Sales Managers / Executives searching for innovative ideas

        Sales Managers who need a fresh perspective

      Sales Managers who feel that a low tide in economy in affecting their sales

        Sales Managers / Executives who need to brush up  and provide themselves a refresher on Presentations, Selling Techniques and Personal Growth Areas


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A  combination  of  advanced  selling techniques  alongwith  effectively  managing  the  sales  teams. Registration Form





Venue JW Marriott Gulf Hotel Shangri-la
Dates June 7th - 10th June 14th - 17th June 28th - 31st
Investment US$ 950 US$ 950 US$ 950

"Accommodation (optional) at US$ 500"
"Group discount available, 1 seat free for every 3 nominations

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