Mastering Project Management - Workshop

Real world Project Management is as much an art as it is a science! Intek is conducting a 3 day intense training workshop on Project Management which includes technical as well as soft skills. Please circulate this mail to your colleagues as well as it might benefit their professionalism. They will indeed Thank you one day.

Course Objective

Learn best practices in project management and how to support those practices to consistently achieve desired outcomes. This workshop is a combination of management training and hands-on computer skills on MS Project. Participants will acquire techniques to sharpen their skills in developing and managing a project specific to their work areas. Apart from Hands-on training, this workshop addresses important issues such as Presentation skills, Project monitoring, Variance analysis, Activity analysis, Budgets and Cash flows, Delegation skills, Motivating others to achieve targets, Communication techniques etc. This workshop is also intended for professional project managers who would like to refresh their perspectives.

This workshop is an excellent mix of “Technical skills” and “People side of Project Management”. To be a successful Professional, who gets recognized as a ‘doer’ and ‘implementer’ you need both! Participants will walk away with better equipped techniques of developing, monitoring and implementing their respective projects, after the workshop.

Who Should Attend

Anybody who wishes to develop his/her Project Management skills further can benefit from this program. Whether you are a novice or consider yourself an expert in Project Management, you will indeed benefit from this program. This workshop will be attended by a diversified group of professionals representing various industries. Whether you are from the engineering function of from a non engineering function, this workshop will indeed sharpen your skills, professionally. Create a high performing, organic organization that stresses accountability for the success of the whole, authenticity and integrity in action, and management teams that model desired behaviors.

Course Outline


Section  I


š Why do Organizations use Project Management

  • Characteristics of Effective Project Managers

  • Personal Tool Kit of Project Managers include......

 What are Projects and what is their significance?
š Various types of Projects
š On-going vs Fixed Duration Projects
š š How to Plan a Project?
Identifying Crucial Activities, which need monitoring

š Microsoft Project (Exercise based)

  • Feeding of Tasks and Durations

  • Establishing Links between Dependent Tasks

  • Identifying Resources and their Costs

  • Allocating Resources to Tasks

  • Allocating Fixed Expenses to Activities

š Fine tuning a Project
Controlling and Identifying Resource Wastage (Manpower & Cost)

Section II

š Communicating a Project Plan / Implementation Plan and Follow-up
š Establishing a Project Base
š Implementing a Project
š Monitoring Actual Progress
š Taking Corrective Actions
š Cash flow statements
š Linking various projects together
š Importing / Exporting information with MS Excel
Manipulating data using various options

Participants will develop a small project in an area of their job and make a presentation to other participants. (e.g. Production, Accounts, Construction, Sales Targets)

Additional topics to be covered

š Developing Ownership of a Project - till completion
š Delegation and Follow-up Skills
š Communication Skills
š Presentation Skills
š Motivational Skills
Positive Attitude

Your seminar experience will cover:

1. Identify the most important factors of a successful organizational environment.
2. Assess your organizational environment and compare it to others.
3. Describe steps in a revitalization model.
4. Develop a model and prioritization process for linking projects to strategy.
5. Identify upper management behavior that supports successful projects.
6. Outline a program for selecting and developing successful project managers.
7. Apply tenets of a learning, organic organization to a project-based organization.
8. Identify steps along a proven change management process to implement a project office.
9. Put all factors and learnings together in an action plan to implement in your organization.

Develop and enhance the contributions you make to your organization by being able to:
Do you have the most ‘in demand’ skills for a leader? The ability to communicate clearly and facilitate a group of people working together is fundamental to keep them focused, motivated and moving forward. Facilitation is not just for specialists; the skills are important to success in any leadership role and should be part of every project managers’ interpersonal ‘toolkit’.

Instructional Methods
Include lecture, discussion, group work, multimedia audiovisuals (animation, video and sound clips) to demonstrate concepts and models, case studies from personal experiences, breakout discussion groups, and continuous question-answer.

The Workshop Includes Self-Assessment, Role Playing, Short Quizzes, etc. at various levels.
Participants will get customized manuals with extensive material on preparation, Body language, tips templates etc...

Date/s - Venue - Investment






Saudi Arabia






28 - 30


20 - 22


3 - 5


12 - 14


Trainer's Profiles

Facilitator: Haseeb Tayab Hasan CEO Intek Solutions
Prime Areas: Project Management, Motivation, Personal Growth, Sales, Character Building, Organizational development, Cross Cultural Communication, Negotiations, Leadership and Business Expansion areas & HR.
Haseeb brings with him extensive industry experience of working in the US and Singapore. He worked with various multinationals for 13 years before establishing Intek nine years ago. He is a qualified "Master Trainer" on areas such as Negotiation skills, Leadership, Project Management, Presentation skills, Advance Selling skills, Motivation etc. He can be contacted on

Facilitator: Stephen Smart
Prime Areas
: Communication Skills, Creativity, Organization Development, Negotiation Skills, IT Skills, Project Management, Team Building, Time Management, Train The Trainer, etc.
Steve has a unique background; he previously travelled the world working in the glamorous world of foreign affairs for more than 27 years. He travelled very extensively spending many years in the sub-continent and Arab speaking world. He spent more than 11 years as an IT specialist and trainer and amongst the various jobs he was given he eventually became an installation, training and project management expert.

He brings another facet to the World of INTEK with his extensive experience in performance biased organization management, administration, accounts, human resources in a small to medium project management through from planning, survey, procurement, to installation, implementation. An experienced “In House” – trainer, he has a UK N.V.Q qualification as an “Industrial Trainer”. He is also a qualified counsellor / mentor. Steve is indeed very popular as a trainer at Intek due to his versatility, articulation and humorous easy going style.

Please note that this program can also be customized according to Your Company's specific requirements whereby upon conducting a "Climate Survey", your specific requirements can be incorporated to ensure an effective ROI.

If however, you wish to nominate a few of your valued managers to the above open-house workshop, please do so on the online registration at or email at or call 00971 4 334-2830. (Fax 00971 4 334-2831).

Best regards

B Shelley
Workshop Coordinator (UAE & Asia Pacific)

"Please email if you would like to have this program Customized specific to your organization's requirements"


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