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A Practical Workshop - Breaking the Success Barrier 


 Learn While You Play" Concept

Two Day Workshop  


Introduction - How do mind-sets limit Organizational Potential

Perception - How does it effect Managerial Performance

“Creativity” - Imperative for a manager (Barriers to creativity)

Mind-Sets - How do we create them - Tools with which we Associate - Our Filtering System

Identifying Seven Mind-Sets and how to break them

Mind-Set # 1 - “There’s nothing in that Idea” (Believing the obvious)

How to see beyond the obvious (Exercises)


Mind-Set # 2Mind-Set # 2 -- “Can’t see how it can be done” (Finding no way out)

Removing self-imposed barriers  (Exercises)


Mind-Set # 3 -- “There’s only one way to look at it” (Developing short sightedness)
              How to identify alternatives and options (Exercises)


Mind-Set # 4 Mind-Set # 4 -- “Judgment on fact says it won’t work” (Facts affecting judgment)
              Question whether facts are facts (Exercises)


Mind-Set # 5  -- “It  won’t work if you do that, this happens” (Pattern Breaking)
         Breaking pre-conceived notions (Exercises)

     Mind-Set # 6 -- “It won’t work when it comes to detail” (Too Complex)
             Ignoring the details to stay focused (Exercises)
             Taking a step back -- a bird’s eye view

  Mind-Set # 7 -- “Its just impossible” (Negative biases)

Finding ways to make it work  (Exercises)

You don’t know what’s possible until you try


Practical application of this Workshop - "What are you taking home?"

Positive thinking -- How it is contagious in an organization

Additional topics to be covered:

Mind Mapping for Managers ­ Innovation ­ Imagery -- The key to Success Intuition ­ Stress Release ­ Creative Thinking ­ Overcoming Obstacles


The workshop revolves around practical concerns which include, Team Management, Delegation, Leadership, Time Management, Motivation etc.



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