An HR Briefcase - Workshop
June 6th-9th, 2004 (4 Days) JW Marriot Dubai
 Workshop Details


   Performance Improvement Counseling

  • Performance management

  • Modern concepts of people performance management

  • People performance management planning

  • System tools for people performance management

  • How to objectively measure people performance

  • Pitfalls in people performance management and how to avoid them

  • How to conduct effective people performance appraisal sessions

  • People performance management monitoring and control

  • Best practices in people performance management

  • etc

   Human Resource Management

  • Human resource management and the human resource manager
  • Human resource management functions
  •  The human resource function in organization of various sizes
  • Environmental factors affecting human resource management
  • The evolution of human resource management
  • Ethics and human resource management
  • Managing the multi cultural workforce
  • etc

Concept of Effective Recruitment & Selection

  • How to prepare for personnel selection interviews
  • How to conduct selection interviews
  • Performance at previous jobs
  • Competency based selection techniques
  • Personal profiles basic briefs daily briefs and motivation
  • Candidates sourcing
  • Identification verification and evaluation of applicants
  • Recruitment & selection method & tools
  • How to write candidate evaluation report
  • etc

  Concept of HRM Audit

  • Analysis of people competencies
  • Audit report.
  • Strategies plans programs
  • Fits-gaps analysis of hr related goals and objectives
  • Policies system & procedures and operations pinpointing areas of concern
  • HRM audit methodology and tools
  • Audit planning and preparation
  • Analysis of employee satisfaction index
  • etc

  Human Resource Research

  • Evaluating the human resource management function
  • Updating upgrading the human resource department Quantitative in human resource research 

   Organization Change and Human Resource Development

  • New hire orientation & different stages
  • Training the supervisor
  • Uses of various human resource development methods
  • etc

   A Safe and Healthy Work Environment

  • Discipline action
  • Stress management
  • Approaches to disciplinary action
  • Termination
  • Grievance handling in union-free organization
  • Promotion
  • Physical fitness
  • Downsizing
  • Resignation
  • Retirement
  • Layoffs
  • etc

   Creating a Corporate Culture and Organization Development

  • Factors that influence corporate culture
  • Types of cultures
  • etc

   Performance Management Symptoms

  • Modern concepts of people performance management
  • People performance management planning
  • Systems & tools for people performance management, its pitfalls & how to avoid team
  • Supervisor training of performance appraisal systems
  • Performance important counseling
  • etc

  Participants will be exposed to intense self-assessments and re-defining their future role as team leaders The Workshop includes quizzes/exercises, self-assessments and a camcorder session.


Date/s - Venue - Investment

  Dubai   Jeddah   Singapore
Venue JW Marriott       Shangri-la
Dates June 6th - 9th, 2004        
Investment US$ 950        

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