Effective Communication Skills - Workshop

Aug 9 - 10

July 13 - 14


Workshop Outline


¨     Effective Communication /Interpersonal Skills
  • Role of Perception in Communication

  • Importance of Upward & Downward Communication

    • Breaking the Communication barriers

    • Patterns of Communication in a cross-cultural environment

    • The Sandwich Approach

  • Inter-departmental Communication

    • Communicating with internal customers

    • Assess your communication style

    • Understanding the “Johari Window” in communication

  • Role of effective Communication in Team Building

  • Flaws in business communication

  • Body Language/Non verbal Communication

    • Positive & negative connotations of body language

  • Communication Differences in Cultures

    • High & Low context cultures

    • Communication failures between people from different cultures

¨     Dealing with Difficult people & Different personalities
  • How to recognize 7 most difficult personality types and how to deal with each

  • How to use a fail safe strategy for keeping a disagreement from escalating into an argument

  • How to say no “no” without feeling guilty or causing resentment. The ritual of negotiating – six basic steps

  • Learn the 9 steps of assertive communication that will put power and confidence in your work

  • Learn positive techniques for delivering constructive feedback to co-workers, employees, even the boss

¨     Listening Skills
  • How listening impacts performances

  • How to improve listening

  • What is Reflective Listening?

¨     Basic Presentation Skills
  • Planning a Presentation
    • Important considerations before making presentations
    • Researching a topic / gathering information
  • Preparation – The key to success
  • How to overcome stage fear
  • How to avoid distractions
  • Managing time in presentations
  • How to create presentation opportunities

Date/s - Venue - Investment

Dates August 9th - 10th
Investment US$ 1250



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