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Nature of Jobs

Intek offers a variety of services.

Intek has undertaken/specialized in the following work assignments.


1) Open house workshops on general management issues. Please visit and click training planner to learn more on variety of topics.


2) Customized training workshop where Intek has a free hand to evaluate Training Needs Assessment (TNA) and then come up with precise training needs. Over a period of eleven years Intek has developed an excellent system to conduct TNA exercises, specific to an organization's needs. We feel our ability to identify an organization's training needs helps us to deliver more impactful training workshops where our clients can enjoy a better ROI. Same has been reinforced by our clients on several occasions. Post training reports with practical action points is a unique part of Intek's overall tailor-made programs.


3) Climate Surveys: To assess an organization's or a Department's current situation with regard to existing gaps that are preventing it from going further. Various jobs that Intek has undertaken in past are: Team Building, Assessing a sales team, staff motivation level, business development needs, corporate identity, marketing strategy evaluation, organizational mission, systems and links between departments, human resources etc.


4) Consultancy services: on management, sales, negotiations, presentations, HR, future direction, organizational development, infrastructural development, training etc.


5) CEO Individual CoachingHas been provided to over 50 CEO's /MD's/GM's/Presidents who do not wish to be a part of a public training workshop. (in Pakistan, Dubai, KSA, Malaysia).


6) Individual coaching to executives at middle and senior management levels. Intek also provides individual coaching for teenagers.


7) Potential Recognition: Many CEO's / HOD's have hired Intek to evaluate their potential No. 2's for them through our informal observations in a training workshop or through Intek's various evaluation methods.


8) Interviews: Several key position's (formal and informal) interviews have been conducted on behalf of several clients, cross culturally.


9) Setting up of internal training departments: Intek has helped 3 companies to setup their internal training departments, from scratch. (assignment included design of the training facility, modules, manuals, selection / training of trainers, Post training evaluation reports, etc)


10) Individual assessments: After a training workshop Intek provides individual assessments of participants with regards to their strengths and areas of concern.


11) Special functions: Conducted / facilitated Annual get together, staff meetings, board meetings, Team building exercises, New business launch functions etc. on behalf of clients over the past eleven years of Intek.


12) Business Expansion: Helped expand businesses cross culturally for several clients


13) Retainer services: On a monthly, quarterly, basis to monitor and aid ongoing business concerns. Most current retainer services include a blend of consultancy and training solutions. Have also represented a few clients in negotiating crucial deals for them.



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