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Haseeb T Hasan

 - Chief Executive - Intek Solutions


Haseeb accumulates over two decades of practical experience. His experience can be divided into two time segments:


First Eleven years

(Years of Employment)

(1985 - 1996)

Haseeb worked for various industries and organizations in US, Singapore and Pakistan. Organizations include British American Tobacco (6 years), LU Biscuits, Merrill Lynch, Ammar Textiles and Informatics (Beaconhouse education system). During this period he worked on different assignments including Marketing, Finance, Sales, MIS and Business Development.


Past Eleven years

(As an Entrepreneur)

(1996 - todate)

Driven by his Mission in life, Haseeb embarked on establishing Intek, initially, as an IT training center. Two years later General Management Training was introduced and he along with his wife, started expanding their training and consultancy business to other cities and countries. Haseeb’s earlier employment experience helped a great deal in devising (Practical) training programs suited to various industries promising clients value added training and consultancy services. During these years Haseeb gained experience as a “Master Trainer” through prominent institutions in USA and Singapore. For a detailed client list, kindly visit


Prime Areas of Expertise


Haseeb has developed and conducted Consultancy/Trainings in a wide range of subjects, which include, Leadership, Negotiation Skills, Sales & Marketing, Team Management, Delegation Skills, Presentation skills, Business Development, Organizational Development, Customer Service, Advance Selling Techniques, Motivation, Performance Appraisals, Cross Cultural Business expansions, Creativity, Project Management etc...



Organizational Level
Besides Training Haseeb is a Consultant to many organizations in the areas of “Business Development”, “HR”, “Change Management”, “Organizational Development” and “Re-engineering”. He is consultant to various industries including, FMCG, Oil and Gas, Pharmaceutical, Construction, Chemicals and Travel businesses.


Personal coaching
Haseeb provides training and consultancy, not only at an organizational level, but also on a personal basis. He has provided one on one coaching to innumerable CEOs, Leaders, Singers, Actors, Politicians and Celebrities etc. Anybody who is familiar with Haseeb knows that Training is not just another job for him – it’s a passion and hobby for him. Many people have ranked his “Motivational Skills” amongst the highest of all techniques of training that he employs.


Personal Information

Educated in USA (Texas) with MBA in Business Administration. Now aged 49, Haseeb resides in Dubai with his wife, Zaufyshan (who is also a partner in training) and three teenage children. Personal hobbies include training people, photography, reading, writing, traveling, running marathons, making new friends, self development, achieving challenging goals, social contributions - to name a few. He can be contacted either at or 00971 50 654 6634.