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Thank you for visiting Intek’s “Management Training” section.

The two major categories that comprise “Management Training” are:

  • Openhouse Public Training Programs

Ranging between one and five days, Intek’s open house programs are widely attended by various levels of executives / managers in Dubai, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Siri Lanka, etc. More than 5000 people have attended Intek’s various popular openhouse programs and are now a part of the Intek Family network who constantly receive “Self Development” resources on a monthly basis.

Many of Intek’s participants have become life long friends and meet regularly. The Intek network has indeed expanded over the past 8 years. Intek provides support and guidance to all its workshop participants even long after the training program. Many have obtained valuable insights from Intek while deciding their career progressions. Many, on the other hand, have improved their domestic lives as a consequence or are at a different level spiritually. For details on Intek’s current training planner kindly click here.

  • Customized Training Programs

The Return on Investment (ROI) in a customized training program is indeed higher for Intek’s valued clients. Intek has an ongoing relationship with many companies globally, whereby assisting them of their training needs after conducting a “Training Needs Assessment” (TNA). Follow-up refreshers, Consultancy, Participant evaluation, are some of the significant features of Intek’s customized training programs.

Tailor Made programs address the specific concerns at an organization with clear objectives. Please email at  with a brief description of your wish to explore mutually if Intek can assist you with your organization objectives, by becoming your “Training Partner”.

List of Customized Training Programs can be obtained on request, alongwith references.



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