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"Intek's Sales Excellence Workshop" is by far the best training course i have been to in a long long time. It is an excellent mix of presentation material, tools and role plays, home work.... etc."

Raed Abu hijleh - GM

Al-Serkal Group - Dubai


"The Sales Excellence Workshop" was well organized, very concise and completely in line with our expectations and demands. It certainly was a mind opener for BASF's Sales team."

J V Eckardt - MD

BASF - Pakistan


"This Program "Sales Excellence" has led me to "Jump-Start" my personal, as well as, professional excellence action plans."

Hany Mwafy - Marketing Manager

Americana (GFI) - Dubai


"Intek - a trusted name in the market that knows how to deliver with complete Customer satisfaction."

Aftab Changi - GM HR



"The entire session has definitely added a lot of values, high standards, keenness and basic ethical principles in all, including my self. Beside an obvious participation of entire team, the elegance of presenting slides and providing specifics were appeared to be quite professional and sure of your self and Intek people. Likewise, the theme of this training was excellent and very advantageous especially the process of developing presentation skills."

Aktan Ulkusul - Quality & HSE Manager

GASOS - Abu Dhabi, UAE



"In my opinion the Training Session was very much effective in true sense.  I personally learnt a lot from that session.  Following are points which we have covered.

  • Self Motivation

  • How to set and Achieve our goals.

  • Team work and Co-ordination among our colleagues.

  • How to Develop & Grooming our selves

  • Pro-Active Approach and Positive Attitude.

  • Assess and judge yourself to know our weaknesses and Strengths.

  • Management Rules and How to apply them effectively.

  • People management

  • Balance between your Personal life and Professional life.

  • Risk taking Abilities

  • Importance of communication skills.

I believe that was the most effective session which I had with Intek.

I request you to please continue these kinds of sessions with Intek especially."

Shamyl Safdar - Team Leader

Mobilink Call Centre - Karachi, Pakistan



"The   training by Mr. Haseeb, was excellent it opened  new horizon of  understanding and give us  idea’s and a vision as to how we can  carry out our  task successfully in  our  life as well  amongst peer & work.. I suggest that we should be given such training so that we can broaden our skills."

Carlo  R Mecua - Training Manager

ACCL - Jeddah, Saudi Arabia



"It was very motivating session and I have learnt that a lot how to motivate others also"

Vaseem Khan - General Manager

ALTA Travel - Dubai, UAE



"I consider such exercises very effective. The environment & the ambience created by Haseeb & Zoufyshan were great. It allowed all the participants to be very candid, open & provided everybody with a platform to be on equal footing (leave the organization levels back at the office).  It refreshed & revitalized concepts of Personal management / organization, Team leading & motivation."

Raed Abu Hijleh - General Manager

Alserkal Group - Dubai, UAE



"Most importantly this training guided us the way, how to keep a balance between professional and personal life without which life become miserable and everything ends in curious. I believe each one of us contain school of thoughts hidden in us. Some of us, who are aware of these thoughts, discover them and are able to express their thoughts and ideas completely as it is said a diamond is just an ordinary stone before being chiseled and these sort of trainings provide us with platform for chiseling and grooming ourselves, so these refreshers should be held for batter prospective."

PJ Ellis - General Manager

Burgmann Middle East - Dubai, UAE



"My experience of the training helped me identify some areas which I knew existed but never knew how to get rid of them. The line that really hit me was that "The first reaction should be no reaction”. I have always had this weakness of being a little more blunt than required.

Then the concepts like the credibility factor, the concept of moving from unconscious incompetence to unconscious competence & above all the pyramid of life, success barriers & the best of all was the TEST OF TIME theory.

There were many other things that were there to stimulate me but I believe the above mentioned will change my life."

Kashif Mehmood - Branch Manager
Orascom International - Lahore, Pakistan



"I attended a lot of trainings arranged by the organization for us but I must say the recent training by Haseeb T. Hassan  was much more beneficial as compared to the other ones. There are a lot of reasons to it but the most important thing about it was the involvement and participation of the participants, and I think it was Haseeb's art that he involved us and we got a chance to pull out our hidden abilities and also helped us to open our minds and performed in a more positive manner, so that we can coach our respective teams in a best way to retain the Dubai Quality Award."

Varghese Mathew - Travel Manager

Kanoo Travel - Dubai, UAE



"As far as feedback is concerned I must say that this training program was the most relevant of all. Both the trainers were completely prepared and had done their home work for the program. They were using our internal jargons very fluently. We never got the feeling that we are sitting in an alien environment and discussing just theories. I believe that there should be a series of sessions with these people, this will not only help us to get the true picture of our objective but also will provide the motivation and skill to transfer the same into our team mates.

I am looking forward to get more exposure by attending such sessions."

Bert Christoffel - Plant Manager

OLNG - Sur, Oman



"The sandwich approach is the most helpful terminology that I have started using so frequently while conducting sessions with my team. And this training has CERTAINLY developed a good relationship and understanding between me and my fellow colleagues. I am really looking forward to more of such healthy exercises."

Dr Abdullah Al Yosef - Dy MD

Al Mazroui Medical



"Well these two days went up just like the blink of an eye. This training in fact was a very conscious effort on the part of the management to try to minimize the bridges between different departments & it really worked out well as we have seen the difference coming back to our respective duties .This training not only was good platform for all of us to be together but also a good chance to know each other's needs & expectations & that how we can manage our selves in the  6 & 9 situations whenever we come across in our lives."

Lata Gopakumar - I T Manager

National Bank of Dubai ( Head Office) - Dubai, UAE



"Some things were learned and some unlearned, to be learned in a different way.  These days, I am trying consciously to overcome some of my known in-competencies. Believe me, it’s very difficult but at least now I know what comes next.

I have started collecting Mind-opener exercises from various sources and share them with my team to stimulate their minds and make them think out-of-the-box. Another thing which I am practicing from this workshop is to focus more on Value adding activities and stay away from time wasters (person/ activity).

The most inspiring factor of this training was the 'Coin', which will always remind me to work harder towards being a balanced person."

Sohaer Abu Ajneh

Qatar Petroleum - Doha, Qatar



"I would also like to thank Haseeb and Zoufyshan the way they delivered the message through this training was awesome. I truly believe that staring from individual level, implementing all the learning’s for instance 9 to 6 situations, calling situations not problems, positive approach and right perception, sandwich approach, first reaction is no reaction and last but not the least leading to unconscious competence all the way through unconscious incompetence, certainly we can do justice to ourselves and all those allied to us.

I hope that these trainings will continue at regular intervals."

Ahsan Rasheed - MD

Fuchs Oil (Al Hamrani Group) - Jeddah, Saudi Arabia



"I found the training very much fruit full in the way that it gives directions to get the best out put from me and will definitely help me in achieving my goals as well as to set them with a much more better aspect they were definitely right regarding the barriers on which 80% of the people get stuck in achieving their goals. And now I believe that with the help of this training I will not be the one to get stuck over the barrier."

Charles Barhouche - Plant  Supervisor

National Paper Co. Ltd. - Jeddah, KSA



"The training was definitely helpful as the trainer was able to keep the trainees interest alive and the material was relevant to the current needs."

Lafi Saed Al Solami - Deputy Station Manager

United Aircraft Service - Jeddah Airport, Saudi Arabia



"All I can say about the training is that it was really valuable and provided me time to ponder over the skills that I lack to break the success barrier that I am going to face and this type of training should continue in future as well as they have a very positive effect on the organizational behavior."

Irfan Akram - General Manager

Mobilink - Islamabad, Pakistan



"The workshop was very fruitful.

We had a discussion on Personal attributes , professional techniques , visibility of strengths and weaknesses, decision making  which were very useful to enhance the communication /interpersonal skills , time management, creativity , Analytical ability , risk taking with confidence and knowledge."

Mukesh D. Ashar - Operation Manager

Saudi Arabian Glass Co. Ltd. - Jeddah, Saudi Arabia



"I have learnt that there is always a success barrier in terms of growth of every person.  What I have learned from that is “Every success has a failure built in “and the few factors discussed were lack in motivation, communication, comfort zone, insecurity, and emotional aspects.  The major concept was to focus on the big mountain to see yourself in a bigger picture.

Identification about what we need and the formula behind that Want + Price = Success

We learn very positively about the stress management and how to enhance our listening skills.

As promised to keep the Motivation and discipline high which will definitely help us to groom in our daily life as well as practical life? All the Quizzes were very interesting."

Khalid Al Alawi - Quality Manager

SASREF - Dammam , Saudi Arabia



"The main features which are never to be forgotten by me are Unconscious Competence, pyramid , barriers, management techniques and so many others."

Ahmedullah Khan - Plant Supervisor

Abdullah Hashim Industrial Gases - Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia



"The best part was that "It's the day one" & "WANT + PRICE = SUCCESS".

What people usually do is that they listen to everything but don't implement. But I have personally seen a lot of changes in the company after the training."

Karima Louise - PR Manager

Al Tayer Group - Dubai, UAE



"My experience of the training helped me identify some areas which I knew existed but never knew how to get rid of them. The line that really hit me was that "The first reaction should be no reaction"."

Karishma Krishnani - Training Manager

Gillette Middle East - Dubai, UAE



"First let me thank all those who were involved in carrying out of this training in one way or another. Now let me congratulate the trainers who did a wonderful job by remaining flexible enough in allowing us not only to identify issues that exist, but also facilitated us to come up with solutions to tackle current issues and prevent them in the future."

Audrey Rajindran - HR and Training Manager

NFPC – Lacnor - Sharjah, UAE



"I was helped out to develop the habit of reading, reading my self , my fellow beings and my friends the books. I also learned the sandwich approach, a very good negotiation and communication skill. The Communication bridge development, the motivation + discipline = Success Formula and many more...

The two days were excellent hours to learn and share.

The Coin is in my pocket now (a motivation for our lives)"

Alan Au Yong - Commercial Manager

Malyasian Commodities & Exchange - KualaLampur, Malaysia



"The training session was a remarkable effort put together to revive and reiterate importance of many things that we either forget with the passage of time and/or we never realize their significance.

Each and every minute spent and each and every word delivered by the trainers was worth assimilating. The emphasis on the importance of effective communication, the way the idea of positivity was relayed, the way we can move mountains with team approach, the value of time management and every other point delivered and discussed was astounding."

Michel da Costa - Sales Manager

Medical Publications, Greece


This training change my way of thinking and behavior, it help me to change my language with my wife and my Children, I become more patient and understandable to their daily problems.
In my work, I leaned that "The first reaction should be no reaction”. I have always had this weakness of being a little more blunt than required, and jumping to conclusion without taking enough time to analyze the situation,
I took a decision that I have to change my way at work, after that, I took those points and I went to P/shop which his average sale only 15 cartons of Titan Truck a month and I had sited with him for one hour listening and analyzing his complain and by god support I could close a new deal with him and increase his average to 40 cartons a month for next 6 months.

AL Hassein - VSMs supervise


The workshop was full off with a great deal of knowledge about the field indeed. Verily, it would help us enhance our capabilities and thus we would be able to motivate our valuable customers in effective manners. Consequently, it will cause a considerable push to the business of the company.
The participants learnt many a things such as modern techniques in marketing, business and administration. They also have had good knowledge about motivational methods and leadership qualities.

Naeem H. Siddiqui
Retail supervisor Abha

As a member of the sales seminar I would like to highlight for some points which I feel personally it is important. First of all thank you for a good opportunity to organize such seminar, truly saying that for the past ten years,
Since I join these organization we haven’t have a chance to have such useful session like this, we were feeling de motivated specially retail section, we had felt that the previous management concentrated on other sections and totally ignored us.

I my self gained more than 50% of these training sessions and I believe it will help us a lot to improve our performance; All what we asked that to keep motivate the staff with similar training inside and outside the kingdom.

Saif Taha: Retail
Supervisor- Ryd


Without any exaggeration I can say that, I have never had such a good seminar in my life, accordingly, I would like to appreciate the marvelous and fantastic methods of Mr. Haseeb as a conductor who has provided us honestly and generously with a very useful ways of how to deal with others that was a successful selection of him as an excellent instructor to manage this seminar.
The training program was good and Mr. Haseeb was completely prepared and had done his homework for the program but the materials of this program need 3 days, instead of two, to present in perfect & complete way, have not say that most of the attendees got good motivation. I recommend continuing having like this training for supervisors and other employees every 6 month.

Amer Barakat
Retail Supervisor- Buradah